Generally speaking, a majority of ladies will need to give some thoughts to their health & fitness after blessed with a child and this generally brings some form of post partum weight loss. For a majority of new moms, this phase in their lives can be the starting of a long-term fight with their weight, signaling the beginning of yo-yo dieting &self loathing.

Your whole body demands a supply of additional calories during pregnancy to help sustain the development of your child & the transformation of your own figure. Agreat deal of increase in body weight due to the growth of body parts would demand the external supplies like vitamins and minerals.


However, following the pregnancy things are different. You should not eat the same amount of foods but at the same time, you should not considerably decrease the amount you consume either. Before you join a post partum class in Los Angeles, let’s talk about the 3 major pitfalls of post partum weight loss. You should ignore then at any cost:

Do not starve yourself: Though you don’t require as many calories as when you were expectant, you still require a few additional to assist with breast feeding& the healing of your body. Reducing too much calories quickly can guide to a deficit in the quality of milk you produce or the complete closing of fat burning over the entire body. Instead of cutting too muchof calories, opt for wholesome healthy food.

Don’t start doing sit ups to reduce your tummy fat. There’re 2 reasons why so:

  • Firstly your belly needs precise, low intensity workouts done very cautiously & at particular stages of your recuperation. Doing high intensity exercise will break your muscles and leave you with a really unappealing pot belly for the rest of your life.
  • In thesecond you cannot spot reduce or burn extra fat from different parts of your body. So doing workouts for your abdomen in anattempt to reduce fat from that region just won’t work.

Don’t become a lot more active suddenly. While it’s essential to take part in daily low intensity workout at least once a day if feasible, this should not leave you feeling exhausted. Preferably regular walking with a pram will be adequate to notice incredible transformations. Ignore any high impact motions such as running or attending fitness classes for at least 3 months. Your body generates hormones all through the pregnancy period to let your body shape to change & deal with with the birth. These hormones make the joints & ligaments weakened and susceptible to somber injury.



Don’t place your post partum weight loss targets too high, be patient & take constant action towards accomplishing a long-term return which is both enjoyable & simple to sustain. Join a Post Partum Class in Los Angeles at Little Knights to learn what to expect after birth and how to make sure you’re as healthy as can be.Please feel free to stay in touch with Little Knights on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social networks!


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